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Six Returning US TV Shows To Look Forward To This Fall

>> Comedy

The Big Bang Theory Season 11

Arguably one of the most enjoyable yet controversial American sitcom for the past ten years, The Big Bang Theory is set to premiere its eleventh season on September 25th 2017. The series ended its tenth season on major cliffhangers with Sheldon’s proposal to Amy and the confiscation of the gang’s gyroscope by the Air Force. In addition to the resolution of these situations, I’m hoping to witness further character development, especially in the cases of Howard and Bernadette with Baby Halley as well as Raj with the lack of his family’s money. Excitingly, a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory called Young Sheldon will also be premiering this fall on November 2nd 2017, following a special preview on the day of season 11’s premiere.

The Middle Season 9

After eight years, the loveable family comedy The Middle will be releasing its ninth and final season this coming October 3rd. The eighth season concluded heartwarmingly with The Hecks coming together to send off Axl on his three-month trip to Europe with Kenny. Picking up from this point, I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers will tie up loose ends in an effort to build up to a realistic yet touching farewell. Am I ready to let go of one of TV’s most relatable families? Certainly not! But the season ahead will hopefully provide some closure to fond viewers. Check out the season nine trailer here.

The Mindy Project Season 6

Yet another amazing comedy show coming to an end; The Mindy Project is scheduled to air its sixth and final season starting on September 12th 2017. From falling in love with the enemy (again) to contemplating marriage (again), season five had me questioning whether there will ever be a season as meaningful and bold as season four. Don’t get me wrong, the fifth season is still filled with episodes featuring an entertaining take on prevalent social issues, but it feels like the writers are stuck in a rut plot-wise. Additionally, although Mindy is the title character, I think it’d be more entertaining and useful for character/plot progression to have some episodes focusing on the other main characters.

>> Sci-Fi

The Flash Season 4

Following a mind-boggling third season, this DC-based series is set to air the first episode of its fourth season on October 10th 2017. A lot of questions are left lingering by the season three finale, including how Caitlin will control her Killer Frost urges, whether another Harrison Wells will be pulled from yet another Earth, and of course, what happens now that Barry/The Flash is occupying the speed force prison. The persisting challenge for The Flash writers is to satisfyingly resolve these questions without ignoring or overcomplicating the physics bound to be involved. Furthermore, fans at The Flash‘s panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International have also made it clear that they’re keen on seeing more crossovers within the Arrowverse, and with a show as logic-testing as The Flash, who’s to say that anything is impossible. Check out the season four trailer here.

>> Drama

How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWMSeason 4

As the characters fall deeper into their web of lies in season three, there’s no telling just to what extent they will continue to claim innocence in season four. Scheduled to premiere on September 28th 2017, the fourth season of HTGAWM has more options than ever for plot progression. With Denver’s burner phone, Annalise’s confrontation of Sylvia Mahoney, and Dominic’s phone call to Laurel’s father, it will be interesting to see how the mystery of Wes’ murder pans out, and subsequently, how each character comes to term with his death. The well-integrated prolepses and analepsis, along with the humanely flawed dynamics of the characters, are what attracted me to the show in the first place, and I hope the creators continue to find a way to put a fresh twist to these elements as they go into the new season.

Riverdale Season 2

Through its first season, Riverdale is already giving the long-standing teen drama/mystery series Pretty Little Liars a run for its money. Equal parts intense, sexy, and mysterious, high expectations are in place for the second season of this Archie-based show, which is set to debut this coming October 11th. Questions marks hang over the fate of most characters in the series: how will Archie deal with his father’s death? What’s left for Penelope and Cheryl? Will Jughead’s enrolment at Southside High take a toll on Bughead? Those are just a few questions out of many more. Moreover, the show’s creators have said that they plan on making a few minor characters in season one such as Reggie and Alice more involved in season two, and that they will be introducing new characters such as Hiram Lodge (Veronica’s dad) into the story. How will these changes affect the relationships between existing main characters? There’s only one way to find out. Check out the season two trailers here and here.

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