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New Music Fridays: 28 July ’17

>> About New Music Fridays

More fresh tunes are released every Friday than on any other day of the week by artists all over the world, and I’m here to offer some insights on a selected few. Whether it’s Justin Bieber, a local artist I haven’t heard of, or a breakthrough artist releasing his/her first single, feel free to leave comments with any music release you’d like me to keep tabs on.

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Sober by Cheat Codes & Nicky Romero

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  • American DJ trio Cheat Codes collaborated with Dutch DJ Romero on this techno pop track about finally realising one’s true feelings when drunk. As the chorus puts it, “I wouldn’t say it sober / But the truth is coming out / I didn’t miss you until now, until now.” The lyrics overall are simple and straightforward, grounded on the relatable human experience of being unable to entirely shake off a person from one’s mind. The high-pitched, autotuned singing sounds haunting yet tormented, as if it’s a symbolism for the way the speaker is haunted by the memories of the person he/she is trying to forget. This is illustrated by lyrics like “God, he almost looks like you in the dark”, “he’s looking at me but he doesn’t have your eyes”, and many more. The drop after the chorus is pretty generic for techno pop songs, and although I can hear a hint of Cheat Codes’ signature remix style, it’s barely enough to truly stand out. Frankly, I think they should’ve sampled and experimented with more adventurous, quirky sounds. That being said, the lyrics and beat come together very nicely to create a strong flow, making this track immediate radio material.

Streets Of Gold by Isaiah

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  • After representing Australia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest last May, we haven’t heard much from Isaiah Firebrace this year. That is, until today. This winner of The X Factor Australia released an acoustic pop single titled Streets of Gold, which revolves around yearning the presence of that special someone who feels like home. Lyrics-wise, I love the few juxtapositions in diction found within the song, such as in phrases like “it’s like a dream, but I’m wide awake” and “on a road with no destination.” The repetition of “you” also underlines the tone of longing the lyrics is based on. Furthermore, I think the decision to primarily rely on the plucking of an acoustic guitar to grace Isaiah’s vocals is a brilliant one. With its David-Archuleta-like texture, Isaiah’s voice is very dynamic and pleasant that I reckon I’d be happy just listening to him a cappella. On top of this, the instruments and his voice are so well-integrated that it allows the entire song to sound easy-going and flow rather smoothly; I particularly like the seemingly effortless transition into the chorus. This makes it easy for listeners to lose themselves in the song, as if they themselves are “walking through the streets of gold.”

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