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London Livin’: Free Events In June

Another month, another list of free public events in London! This is the third events list under my London Livin’ series; feel free to check out this post to read about why I decided to start the series in the first place.

That being said, I, unfortunately, will be taking a three-month hiatus from making these lists as I spend summer break in Jakarta and Hong Kong. Not to worry, though, more eclectic entries under the “What’s Up?” category will hopefully be coming your way throughout summer. In the meantime, please enjoy this list for June and I’ll catch you with another free London public events listing in September (for October)!

* Wed, 1 Jun

* Thu, 2 Jun

* Fri, 3 Jun

* Sat, 4 Jun

* Tue, 7 Jun

* Wed, 8 Jun

* Thu, 9 Jun

* Sat, 11 Jun

* Mon, 13 Jun

* Tue, 14 Jun

* Wed, 15 Jun

* Thu, 16 Jun

* Fri, 17 Jun

* Sat, 18 Jun

* Mon, 20 Jun

* Tue, 21 Jun

* Wed, 22 Jun

* Thu, 23 Jun

* Fri, 24 Jun

Ongoing Throughout June

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London Livin’: Free Events In May

Second post under the London Livin’ series! Listed below are free public events taking place all over London in May 2016. As per usual, please leave any suggestions you would like to add into the list and/or comments letting me know if you’re going to any of these events so that we can potentially meet up! If you’re wondering about my rationale for starting this series, you can quickly read about it on this post.

That’s all from me for this month’s “What’s Up?” category, feel free to reach out to me over social media as I’m always open to connecting with new people, considering collaboration opportunities, or just simply becoming a sounding board for fellow bloggers and/or YouTubers ☺️

* Tue, 3 May

* Wed, 4 May

* Fri, 6 May

* Tue, 10 May

* Thu, 12 May

* Fri, 13 May

* Sat, 14 May

* Sun, 15 May

* Mon, 16 May

* Tue, 17 May

* Wed, 18 May

* Thu, 19 May

* Fri, 20 May

* Sun, 22 May

* Mon, 23 May

* Tue, 24 May

* Wed, 25 May

* Sun, 29 May

* Tue, 31 May

Ongoing Throughout May

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London Livin’: Free Events In April

Ever since I moved to London, I’ve found that making and refining a list of upcoming events that are happening across the city is one of the more effective ways to procrastinate. From public lectures and debates to exhibitions and pop-up markets, a great Londoner perk is that there’s always something going on – the next thing that blows your mind might just be around the corner, literally!

I love going to free public events, and every time I do, friends of mine would always ask where or how I discovered the event. Truth be told, I just spend time researching on the web and eventually got used to where I should look. Hence, for anyone out there who would like to make use of an up-to-date list of many (albeit not all) free public events happening in London, I’ll strive to compile a list monthly (that’ll hopefully increase in quality overtime) and post them on this blog under the “What’s Up?” category.

Realistically, I won’t be attending all the events I myself listed, but fingers-crossed, the lists will be useful to people other than myself. Words in green and underlined are hyperlinks; feel free to click on those to find out more about each event. Leave a comment if you’re going to any of these events or have suggestions of events that could be added into this list (or ones in the coming months), and who knows, we might be able to run into each other!

* Fri, 1 Apr

* Sat, 2 Apr

* Sun, 3 Apr

* Tue, 5 Apr

* Wed, 6 Apr

* Thu, 7 Apr

* Fri, 8 Apr

* Sat, 9 Apr

* Mon, 11 Apr

* Tue, 12 Apr

* Wed, 13 Apr

* Thu, 14 Apr

* Fri, 15 Apr

* Sat, 16 Apr

* Wed, 20 Apr

* Sat, 23 Apr

* Sun, 24 Apr

* Tue, 26 Apr

* Wed, 27 Apr

* Thu, 28 Apr

Ongoing Throughout April

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