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Strung Words: Hungover Heart

“Don’t worry, you will find someone else soon.”

Oh yes,

a someone else

will definitely come along.


how can I focus on a someone else

if every time I see you

the memories rush back

the feelings converge

the voices: “don’t crack”

the hopes re-emerge

– A whole different kind of hangover


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Strung Words: One-Word Crusher

“Do you think a girl and a boy can stay really good friends if one of them confesses but the love is unrequited?”


I didn’t know                                                                                                                  I didn’t know

my heart                                                                                                                        my intentions

was this                                                                                                                                  were this

fragile,                                                                                                                                           weak,

that all it takes is                                                                                                     that all it takes is

one                                                                                                                                                    one

word                                                                                                                                                word

to                                                                                                                                                           to

break                                                                                                                                                abort

it.                                                                                                                                                              it.

– One-word crusher


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New Music Fridays: 14 July ’17

>> About New Music Fridays

More fresh tunes are released every Friday than on any other day of the week by artists all over the world, and I’m here to offer some insights on a selected few. Whether it’s Justin Bieber, a local artist I haven’t heard of, or a breakthrough artist releasing his/her first single, feel free to leave comments with any music release you’d like me to keep tabs on.

>> Spotlight Reviews: New songs I particularly enjoyed today

Same To You by The Vamps

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  • Lyrics
  • British pop rock band The Vamps released their third studio album today titled Night & Day (Night Edition). This ten-track record features hit singles such as Middle Of The Night (ft. Martin Jensen) and All Night (ft. Matoma), and is the first album of the two-part Night & Day project, with the Day Edition album scheduled to be released this coming December. The fourth song on the record, Same To You, is a post-breakup tune that calls out one’s ex and questions whether she has truly moved on. The repetitiveness of the melody creates a much-needed daunting and confrontational feel to the song, yet the vocals sound conversational due to lyrics like “Hey girl, what’s up? What’s on your mind?” The lyrics are pretty generic, but the catchiness of the chorus is undeniable and I feel like the generic diction helps in this case. Notably, I love the lyrical transition between the first verse and the bridge, where it starts off from being about the other person in the break up to being about oneself. For example, verse one says, “I know you can’t sleep, it’s past three, and you’re still up,” whereas the bridge says, “Now it’s past three and I’m still up.” I love the parallels drawn by this transition technique as it makes the narrative come full circle. Furthermore, it also adds a layer to the song, because now in addition to being confrontational, the song is also confessional. Overall, I’d say Same To You is a great post-breakup anthem with high commercial potential; it’s relatable, simple, and catchy – what more do you really need?

Goodbye by Echosmith

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  • Lyrics
  • After three years of hiatus from releasing originals following lead guitarist/oldest brother Jamie Sierota’s departure from the band of siblings, Echosmith is finally back with an upcoming sophomore album on the horizon called Inside A DreamGoodbye is a single on the record and the first look into how the sound of the band has transformed. The inviting acoustic guitar melody, coupled with Sidney’s characteristic voice, make for an enticing opening, and it’s as if they’re easing us into a new phase in their growth as band. When the drums become more prominent in the chorus, the shade-throwing vibe is instantly amplified and it’s such a pleasant surprise. Lyrics-wise, the verses have a delicate air around them and are absolutely beautifully written. To give you a glimpse, the first verse says, “Try not to let the burn become a scar / What’s left of me is only broken parts / You take the pretty and colour it dark / My only grievance is a broken heart.” Moreover, phrases such as “you cover up the poison with poetry” truly made the song sound honest, poetic, and original. The chorus is simple and repetitive, but this strongly highlights the unsettling request of the words. That being said, the track itself is easy to listen to, which ultimately creates the feel that we’re the ones saying goodbye and we’re chill about it. As the last “goodbye” is sung and the melody ends, the song lives up to its name by giving listeners a definitive ending. If this song is a testament to Echosmith’s transformed sound, then we should expect less electric-guitar-centred alt-pop, and more songs involving synths and drums, and honestly, I see no reason to complain.

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Strung Words: Every Time

Every time I fall

I fall hard

And as a result

I bruise easily

Every time I love

I love with all my heart

And as a result

I’m at your mercy

Every time I feel

I feel deeply

And as a result

None can rescue me

But every time

every time comes along

I know the cycle repeats

internal controversy.

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