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From evaluating plot to cover design, it takes quite a while to thoroughly review a book. Oftentimes, months have passed by the time I want to review a particular book, and my memory of the book as well as the thoughts I had as I was reading it have faded. By that point, although I’d usually still be keen to share the book, it just doesn’t feel right to offer a thorough review. For books in this position then, I’ve decided to write up quote reviews instead of book reviews. Quote reviews are basically where we can discuss, what I think are, quote-worthy lines that capture the essence of the book. This way, we can hopefully still have meaningful conversations about the books in a more bite-sized, manageable way!

Click on the snippet to go to the post.

Click on the snippet to go to the post.

>> Latest Book Review

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Goodreads is a website that allows you to keep track of the books you read, check out reviews, enter giveaways, join reading groups, do quizzes, recommend books to your friends, and many more. I have enjoyed using this website since October 2010; come add me on Goodreads if you have an account!

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Reviews: Books Page Photo #2

>> Some Of My Favourite Series

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>> Reviewed Book Quotes

18/02/17: Girl in Translation

>> Reviewed Books

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