An Introduction

>> From The Blogger

Heya there, Christy Zakarias here, and thank you for visiting my blog!

Profile PictureA little bit about the girl on the other side of the screen, I am a 19-year-old undergraduate who is currently pursuing a neuroscience degree at University College London. Despite living and studying in London at present, I am an Indonesian born and raised who had been living in the tropical country’s bustling, traffic-decorated capital city of Jakarta up until September 2015.

When I am not tucked away doing lecture notes at a comfortable library corner, attending lectures, participating in student clubs meetings, volunteering locally, travelling, or hanging out with friends, I dedicate some me time by watching TV shows, keeping up with (not the Kardashians) YouTube subscriptions, being an amateur musician, and reading, all in the peaceful isolation of my room.

High School Blog

Unfortunately, my high school blog was taken down after graduation, but here’s a glimpse of what it looked like!

All throughout high school, I maintained a blog as part of my school’s initiative to embrace technology. The four-year project not only illustrated how constructive and widespread the effects of a blog can be, but it also allowed me to discover my passion for blogging, for designing, and for interacting with people of varying backgrounds. It is because of such experience that I established this blog right here, a platform on which I share my thoughts, ideas, and creations in the hope of engaging with an online community that is supportive and increasingly open-minded.

From diary-like entries to opinions on current affairs, entertainment reviews to artistic manifestations, I aspire to share pieces of myself and connect with you through this blog. The acclaimed writer Austin Kleon once expressed that, in addition to consistently practicing, being unafraid of sharing and receiving feedback is just as important in the process of honing one’s craft – I could not agree more. Ultimately, it is my vision that this blog will facilitate and document my journey – and possibly yours, too – in striving to become a better global citizen, life enthusiast, and lifelong learner: stumble, learn, repeat.

See you around,

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>> The Blog At A Glance

What’s Up? : Diary-like entries on what’s new in my life

From Where I Stand: Analytical opinion posts on current affairs and popular culture, usually inspired by TED talks I came across and/or public lectures I attended, aiming to evaluate based on pros and cons

Reviews: Discussions of books, food and dining experiences, movies, museum exhibitions, music, and TV shows for reference purposes

Bits & Pieces: An idea bank showcasing designs, fashion scrapbooks, photographs, and writings my spare time bred

Life On YouTube: A direct window to my YouTube channel displaying the latest videos and video archive

>> Disclaimer

I am happy for you to quote, feature, add to or use the ideas and creations that I post on this blog. However, please put them in context and cite this blog. Furthermore, this is not mandatory, but I would appreciate it even more if you leave a comment notifying me of any usage or adaptations – I would love to see your work, too.

This page was last updated on: Tuesday, 27 June 2017

2 thoughts on “An Introduction

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  2. TriciaGpers

    Hi Christy,
    I’m thrilled to be sharing this with teachers at my school this week–including Mr Rick, who I am sure will be really happy to ‘hear’ from you again. I really appreciate what you have to say about blogging being a pathway to global citizenship.
    All the best,

    Liked by 1 person


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