Food & Dining Review: Zeo’s Caramel, Coconut & Passion Fruit Soft Drink

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This is not a food and dining review per se, but more of a drink sample review. Nonetheless, since I don’t have a category specifically dedicated to drinks and don’t think it’s necessary to create one at the moment, I’ve decided to sort it under “Food & Dining Review” instead.

>> At A Glance

“At Zeo, we make a range of lightly carbonated soft drinks. Inside each bottle is 98% spring water blended with naturally extracted fruits and botanicals.” – Zeo

The particular flavour that I’m reviewing today is a special, limited edition one that was released in September and October 2016: Caramel, Coconut & Passion Fruit. 180, 000 bottles of this flavour were released in partnership with the Pink Ribbon Foundation to support breast cancer awareness, with 10p from each bottle going to the foundation. 

>> Ratings

* Flavour: 2

Unfortunately, this combination of caramel, coconut, and passion fruit just didn’t really work for me. Frankly, even I’m having a tricky time imagining how these flavours can complement each other – I wonder how they choose the three things. Anyway, the drink was way too sweet; both the coconut and caramel were very strong, but there was barely a hint of passion fruit. This imbalance established a somewhat cinnamon-like, rather peculiar taste. The only bright side I can think of is that the drink wasn’t too carbonated, but I think this is a general feature across all Zeo soft drinks instead of a notable aspect of this flavour. Although it was still drinkable, I don’t think I’ll ever want a second one.

* Packaging: 3

The packaging is simplistic and, paired with the soft-pink-coloured liquid, creates a stunningly elegant look. However, as the bottle is made of relatively thick glass, it’s quite heavy and difficult to carry around.

* Price for portion: 4

I received my bottle as a free sample, so I’m not entirely sure of its actual retail price. Nevertheless, I read that the recommended retail price is £1.29, which is reasonable for a soft drink and is actually cheaper than other mainstream soft drinks brands, although this may be due to its slightly less volume.

* X factor: It’s for a great cause!

Overall, I believe that the only unique selling point of this flavour is that it’s a limited edition flavour that’s released in aid of breast cancer awareness. This would make the drink appealing to those who care about breast cancer and those who are enthusiastic about sampling this one-off release.

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