New Music Fridays: 7 July ’17

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More fresh tunes are released every Friday than on any other day of the week by artists all over the world, and I’m here to offer some insights on a selected few. Whether it’s Justin Bieber, a local artist I haven’t heard of, or a breakthrough artist releasing his/her first single, feel free to leave comments with any music release you’d like me to keep tabs on.

>> Spotlight Reviews: New tracks I particularly enjoyed today

All My Love by Cash Cash & Conor Maynard

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  • Lyrics
  • Co-written by Cash Cash, Lauv, and Michael PollackAll My Love is a song about yearning the presence of someone who’s already gone, a rather integral part of getting over someone after a break up. I’ve been a long-time fan of Maynard’s vocals; I’d say it’s a combination of Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, but even that wouldn’t really do it justice. Hot chocolate to a drinks menu is Conor Maynard’s voice to pop music: distinctive, heart-warming, and very much likeable (borderline addictive, even). After collaborating with Kris Kros Amsterdam and then CMC$ on his last two releases, it’s clear that Maynard plans to continue his venture into EDM with this track. Do we miss when it was just his voice and the piano? Of course, but it’s difficult to complain when his voice also blends amazingly well with all the synth loops, catchy beats, and bass drops – honestly, I’m excited for more EDM songs by the British singer. What’s great about Maynard on this particular track is that the texture of his voice boosts the air of confusion and desperation needed to deliver lyrics such as “I’m sick of your face, but can’t look away” and “can’t go out (out), can’t stay home (home home), I don’t know how, how to be alone.” For a pop dance song, its melody and lyrics are pretty predictable, but this in itself is not surprising as the genre significantly thrives on familiarity. The tune that follows the post-chorus drop is catchy and I reckon some great remixes are in bound. Ultimately, this is a song with great commercial value that’s suitable for both radio and club plays.

Why by Sabrina Carpenter

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  • Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas… It’s easy to dismiss Carpenter as yet another Disney child actor turned pop star story, but with one EP, two studio albums, and another album currently recording in just three years, her work rate clearly proves that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Why is the first peek into Carpenter’s third album SC3 and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The lyrics describes a great relationship between two individuals who are completely different – the classic opposites attract narrative. From liking New York City during different times of the day to dealing differently with cold weather, I love the unique and personal examples used to illustrate the individual disparities that make up the verses. The song starts off with a playful, inviting melody that smoothly transforms into a catchy tune that would pass the track as one by The Chainsmokers; frankly, if Selena Gomez and The Chainsmokers were to collaborate, this is how I imagine their song would sound. Undoubtedly, however, Carpenter’s solid vocals is the best aspect of this track. Her voice has an intriguing quality that incites curiosity amongst listeners, and coupled with impeccable pronunciation, it’s the ideal means of storytelling through songs. Following the massive success of her second studio album Evolution, this song successfully leaves listeners eager and excited for SC3.

>> Honourable Mentions: Other great tracks released today that I wish I have time to review

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