Design: The Best Journeys…

The Best Journeys...

>> Insights To Artistic Decisions 

This is one of those designs that speaks for itself. Essentially, I’m making a statement about embarking on journeys, whether it’s physical journeys where you visit, for example, another country, mental journeys of overcoming fears, or even the bigger picture of experiencing life as one long journey.

  • Font type and text alignment: Consolas as font type and text aligned to the left, mimics the way dates appear on photographs taken using older cameras and taking photos is often associated with going on journeys and travelling in general
  • Black and white filter: symbolises the components of a journey using common colour associations – the bad (black), the good (white), and everything in between (grey)
  • Enjambment between “yet” and “open-ended”: physical representation of open-endedness and unexpectedness
  • Font colour: white, purely for visibility and to follow through on the black and white color scheme

>> Creation Details

  • Words and photo are my own.
  • Photo: taken with iPhone 5 (8 megapixel), cropped, edited using an Instagram filter
  • Design was assembled on Keynote.

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