Design: Breathe & Blossom

Breathe & Blossom

>> Insights To Artistic Decisions 

Through this digital design, I hope to grow and/or nurture one’s determination to keep him/herself centred and focused. Concurrently, the design also suggests that this determination must be counter-balanced by a go with the flow mentality, so that one will not solely force his/her own ideas and subsequently feel defeated when life doesn’t go as planned. The idea is to use this design as a reminder by setting it as either a physical poster, desktop background, or anything else that is seen on a daily basis.

  • Centred writing: symbolises concept of centring oneself and coming back to one’s core
  • Font colour: black represents conviction
  • Cursive font type: Sign Painter font type reflects a go with the flow mentality

>> Creation Details

  • Photos are my own.
  • “Breathe” photo: taken with iPhone 5 (8 megapixel), cropped, unedited
  • “Blossom” photo: taken with iPhone 5, cropped, edited using an Instagram filter
  • Design was assembled on Keynote.
Disclaimer For Bits & Pieces

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