Going On The Airwaves

A cheeky snapshot of us when we finished recording!

A cheeky snapshot of us when we finished recording!

About a week ago, Elaine, a friend of mine who runs a radio segment on UCL’s very own Rare FM, invited me to go on her show and chat about some of the language-related aspects that baffled me when I first moved to the UK. Just a quick background info, Elaine runs a segment called “Third Culture Kids”, and it’s basically where she talks about her experiences as a, well, third culture kid (TCK) – the good, the bad, the meh. From dealing with airports to exploring international cuisines, I would definitely recommend her show to fellow TCKs and, honestly, anyone who is interested in catching glimpses of what it may be like moving to a foreign country.

To listen to her broadcasts, you can simply go on Rare FM’s website and click “Tune in!” bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 9 to 10 AM GMT. If you can’t catch her live, then not to worry, she posts all her past broadcasts on the show’s Facebook page as well, so definitely spare some time to listen to it there.

Now that the paid endorsement is done – hahah, just kidding, she didn’t ask me to post about the show; she doesn’t even know that I have a blog! I’m sharing her show because I genuinely think that it can be useful to some people out there ☺️

Anyway, as I wrote earlier, I was in the segment’s fifth episode and I got to chat a little bit about the struggles I encountered with British English slangs. Whilst this was not my first time guest-speaking on radio (a story for another time, let me know if you want to hear it haha), it was the first time I’m interviewed in such an informal, relaxed manner, so big-up to Elaine for inviting me around!

Without further ado then, please enjoy a recording of the episode. If you want to get in touch with Elaine, shoot the radio show’s Facebook a message or tweet her at @ewongyeelan. Enjoy! – I feel like I’ve used way too many exclamation marks in one post… oh well! #rebel

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