Food & Dining Review: Spatula

Spatula Review #1

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>> At A Glance

* Restaurant name: Spatula

* Cuisine: Indonesian-Western fusion

* Address: Ruko Plaza Niaga 1, Blok B No. 3, Jl. MH Thamrin, Sentul City, Bogor Utara, Bogor, Indonesia

>> Ratings

Rating Scale

* Overall flavour: 4

* Price for portion: 3.5
Inconsistent in some cases (i.e: the zuppa soup was relatively smaller in portion compared to other servings), but generally just right.

* Service: 4
Friendly and professional waiters, but the waiting time for service was quite lengthy (10 – 15 minutes).

* Venue / ambience: 4.5
The great decor and lighting establish a homey feeling to the air-conditioned place. The bakery and kitchen are situated on the first floor and the second floor is dedicated to a medium-sized seating area. The seats are relatively limited, so I wouldn’t recommend the restaurant for a gathering of more than eight people. Free wi-fi available.

* X factor: Pasta “Tek Tek”
A creative, unique dish that combines famous delicacies from two corners of the world, Italy and Indonesia. This was the first time I’ve ever tasted both pasta and “Tek Tek” on the same plate – a rare dish that you won’t find anywhere else!

* Overall experience: 4

>> Dish By Dish Review

* Pasta “Tek Tek”: 4
An inventive twist to the Bandung delicacy Mie “Tek Tek”. By substituting the common “Tek Tek” noodles with pasta (customers get to choose the type of pasta), the dish presented a familiar taste in a different texture. The non-sticky, savoury soup was flavourful, with the seasoning done just right. Accompanied by fresh shrimps, scrambled eggs, and a generous serving of veggies, this dish is one not to miss when you visit!

* Zuppa Soup: 3
This dish was relatively smaller in portion compared to the others. Nevertheless, the soup itself was creamy and milky with lots of mushrooms, although a tad bit too salty if I do say so myself. The smell of mushroom was quite strong, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your personal preference. The bread had a good colour, crisp, as well as rise and was arguably the best part of the Zuppa Soup.

* Cordon Bleu: 5
With its golden crispy coating and perfect proportion of chicken, cheese, and ham, this dish was cooked extremely well. The accompanying lemon sauce was fitting, although could be made fresher. More serving of side veggies will make this dish flawless!

* Strawberry Ice Cream: 4.5
The ice cream was soft, creamy, sweet, and not at all sour. The milky taste was definitely stronger than the strawberry taste; I would recommend adding strawberry bits into the ice cream. The portion was quite large compared to other dishes – definitely more suitable for sharing between two people.

* Toblerone “Martabak”: 3.5
It’s important to note that the restaurant only serves “martabak” after 2 PM, so plan your arrival time if you want to taste one of their claimed specialties – don’t make the mistake that my family and I made, haha. The “martabak” dough itself had just the right thickness and was soft, but quite oily. There was a good spread of Toblerone across the dough, but the Toblerone itself had no distinct flavour – it may have well been any other chocolate. It’s quite filling and therefore ideal for sharing. Make sure to eat this dish when it’s fresh off the pan for the best taste.

>> Other Opinions

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