Heya There, Christy Zee Here!

And welcome to my first-ever blogpost for this blog!

After consolidating my intentions and vision for the blog (read about those here) last summer, life got quite overwhelming. What with moving 11,760 km across the world and adjusting to university life, it was rather difficult to schedule time for setting out proper blog-related plans. Not to worry, though, the hecticness has not eroded my aspiration of starting and running this blog! Unfortunately, running, at this point, simply means at least two blogposts a month. Whilst I realise that posting twice each month does not seem like much, I want to start off with a goal that is (hopefully) achievable before potentially increasing the number as I adapt better to blogging, studying at university, and living independently in London. Plus, note that I did use “at least”, which means that you may occasionally receive a cheeky additional post or two on certain months *wink wink*.

A few little introductory pointers on how the blog is laid out:

  1. Pages are linked on the menu bar, with sub-pages listed as drop-downs under their corresponding pages.
  2. Blogposts appear chronologically from newest to oldest under “HOME” and they are sorted into categories as well as tagged with key words.
  3. Names of pages and categories are the same and those correspond with one another. A page contains links to the latest entry and all previous entries (AKA archive) of its respective category – if this sounds confusing, try clicking the links to different pages on the menu bar to get the idea.
  4. Tags on blogposts and on the tag cloud widget on the right-hand static bar can be clicked on to reveal all blogposts tagged with the clicked tag. 

What's Up: Hi There, Christy Zee Here #1

Furthermore, to receive a notification when a new blogpost is published, please click on the “Follow This Blog” button – also on the right-hand static bar, under the tag cloud. If you have yet to read the “An Introduction” page, then feel free to do so to get a better idea of the girl behind the screen ☺️

It goes without saying that this blog can become your space as much as it is mine. You are always welcome to leave your opinions as comments and/or share information from this blog when you find them interesting. You will also be able to participate in surveys and possibly other mass brainstorm platforms as I post more and more content into this blog. If you prefer connecting and chatting over social media accounts as opposed to on the blog itself, then my Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tumblr will welcome you with open hands, too.

Anyway, that is all from me for now. It has been a long time coming, but I am excited – and relieved – to finally launch this little project; welcome to christyzee.wordpress.com!

See you around,

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